We believe in the power of education. We believe that quality education improves the quality of life of individuals as well as our society.

Since his college days it was a cherished dream of Mr. Susanta Chakma, the founder of SNEHA to set up schools of excellence to provide value-based education to children. The ban of education to the Chakma and Hajong children by the State Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh in 1994 acted as a catalyst to form SNEHA. 

As Assistant General Secretary and later the General Secretary of the Committee for Citizenship Rights of the Chakmas of Arunachal Pradesh (CCRCAP), Mr. Chakma was working for the citizenship, franchise and other democratic rights of the Chakmas and Hajongs of A.P. 

However, he realized that education only builds capability and confidence of an individual or a society, and only education can bring a permanent and positive change in society. On 20thAugust 2002, he formed SNEHA in Delhi in association with some Chakma friends, some eminent social workers of India and a friend from Indian institute of Technology, Delhi to set up and promote a just, equitable, peaceful and compassionate society.