We believe in the power of education. We believe that quality education improves the quality of life of individuals as well as our society.

SNEHA is a non-profit organisation working for the right to education in India.

Our Vision

A just, humane, equitable and peaceful society

Our Mission

To empower underprivileged sections of society through quality education that builds knowledge, skills, values, and creates socially responsible citizens.

Core Focus Areas:

The core focus area of SNEHA is to provide value-based education to underprivileged children with special focus on the Chakma and Hajong children by setting up formal and non-formal schools among underprivileged communities. 


Our organisational values are honesty, teamwork, individual development and the maintenance of transparency in all dealings and activities to the maximum extent possible. We proactively undertake to create an ambience of trust and harmony. 

SNEHA undertakes, initiates, and works for the long term and sustainable development of marginalized communities, by equipping individuals to actively participate in and build a democratic and forward looking community. SNEHA strives to uphold humanism and respect for individuals, and to that end takes into account the social, cultural and economic implications of its various activities. SNEHA advocates tolerance and universal brotherhood to help create a matured, cooperative and a more tolerant social structure. Within the above framework and guidelines, SNEHA is committed to work for the upliftment of humanity.

Key Achievements

  • In twelve years SNEHA has set up three schools in Arunachal Pradesh 
  • We have been successful in taking quality education to the remotest and inaccessible areas of the country and provided education to 1000 children. 
  • SNEHA Schools has become harbinger of peace in the form of SNEHA Schools as pluralistic site of learning. Children from diverse communities attend SNEHA Schools now though the schools were initially started for the Chakma and Hajong children.
  • Build goodwill among various stakeholders that SNEHA can impart value-based education to children in a meaningful way.
  • We have successfully implemented big educational projects even in difficult circumstances. 
  • SNEHA has partnered with some renowned national and international donor agencies.
  • We are able to preserve the language and script of the Chakmas by teaching Chakma scripts to the Chakma students in the schools.