Introduction: SNEHA started this school in August 2003 at Diyun area, Changlang district, Arunachal Pradesh, India to provide value-based education to the Chakma and Hajong children. As the school made reputation of imparting quality education, children from diverse communities attend the School now. Currently, the school is running from Kindergarten to class VIII and 355 students are studying (aged 4 to 14). The school will be upgraded upto senior secondary level in future. The school has one section/classroom in one class at present and it will be expanded with four classrooms in each class. The school has received formal recognition under the government of Arunachal Pradesh.

History of SNEHA School:

Our conviction that only quality education can bring lasting positive socio-economic changes in society and empower underprivileged communities, we started this school in 2003 with 109 Chakma children from 6 to 9 years of age. Since the opening of the school in 2003, SNEHA School has come a long way overcoming all hurdles. As the schools provide good quality education with extra-curricular activities, now children from diverse communities attend SNEHA School. The school has been upgraded upto class VIII this session 2012-13 adding one class every year. The beneficiaries have increased from 109 to 360 children at present.

Course and Curriculum:
The school follows Central Board of Secondary Education syllabus and N.C.E.R.T textbooks for all classes. The school gives equal importance to games and sports and other co-curricular activities for all round personality development of the children.

Teacher student ratio and Teaching Faculty:
We follow Right to Education Act 2009. Maximum Teacher student ratio is 1:40 so that we can give maximum care and attention to each and every child. At present 16 efficient teachers are working with us and they teach the children with love and affection. They are well aware with the strengths and weakness of the children. Mr. Arindam Dewan, Headmaster of the school looks after the school. He always guides the teachers for the betterment of the students. Mr. Dewan, a man of integrity with passion to work for the welfare of the community has 13 years of experience in teaching to his credit. Mr. Dewan’s inspiring presence, hard work, zeal and his personal attention to the smallest detail in the school has made SNEHA school what it is today.
Language and Teaching Methodology:
The medium of instruction of the school is English. However, equal emphasis is laid on Hindi. A third language i.e. either Sanskrit or Assamese is also taught from class VI. Children are taught in English and Hindi only. We give much attention to the development of communication skill in English and Hindi. We also teach Chakma scripts to the Chakma students. Our teachings are highly interactive and students are given opportunities to develop their own intellect. Teachers provide equal attention to each students but special care is taken for those who are academically weak by taking extra classes. Regular and appropriate home assignments are given to the students to generate an educationally rich environment in their domicile. We have Minimum Level of Learning (MLL) from class I to class VIII as a result of which it is ensured that every student gets minimum quality of education in SNEHA Schools.
With the support of Shamdasani Foundation and NFI-SDTT and HDFC Ltd, SNEHA has well developed infrastructure-classrooms and Library, Separate Toilets for girls and boys. SNEHA has one SP Type permanent office building. A computer and television is also there to provide audio-visual teachings to the students. We have various kinds of musical instruments to develop the hidden talents in our students.
The Library and Reading Habit:
We have more than 1000 titles of children’s book and reference books for teachers in our library on different subjects such as science, poetry, fiction, literature, nature, Geography, computer, travelogues, history, culture etc. We also have latest books such as Harry Potter etc in the library. We also have CDs on different subjects and themes on morality, friendship, patriotism and nationalism etc for children.
House System:
To develop healthy competition, leadership qualities, responsibility etc, the children have been divided into four Houses in the name of values such as Sincerity, Honesty, Dutifulness and Hard work Each house has a teacher as House Master to supervise and one House Captain and vice captain from the students to control and lead the House. Each house take the responsibility of the school turn wise for one week i.e. cleaning/sweeping the school compound, class room, assembly ground, water flower garden, organizing morning assembly etc. Every Year the school organizes School week.
Games and Sports: Keeping in mind the adage 'that all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy', we at SNEHA give equal importance to games and sports. Hence sports like football; volleyball, skipping, and badminton have been introduced to make the children physically and mentally fit. Other Co-curricular Activities: In order to foster a healthy spirit of competition among the students, decision making skill etc and to ensure complete and all round personality of the children, we have introduced the following healthy and intelligent recreational activities like: Quiz Competition, Debates and Declamations, Dramatics, Singing, Dancing, Fancy Dress, Recitation, Musical Instrumental, Story Telling, Essay writing competition, Mono Acting etc.

Awards and prizes: We appreciate meritorious students every year by awarding them prizes to motivate them to excel.

Celebration of Festivals and Events:
The School observes and celebrates all-important Days, Events and festivals like Independence Day, Republic Day, Teacher’s Day, Children Day, Arunachal Statehood Day, Gandhi Jayanti etc with gaiety and enthusiasm.
Picnic and outdoor visits: To develop brotherhood and feeling of share and care, picnic, outdoor visits are organized. Every month children are taken out of the school class wise to visit the nearby areas like forest office, hospital, river bank, irrigation dam and other schools.
Parent Teachers’ Meeting:
Children spend only few hours in the school. They live their maximum time at home with their parents. Parents influence the behaviour of the children more than anybody else. Moreover, parents are the first teachers of a child. So we conduct regular parents-teachers meeting. Interactive sessions are held between the parents and teachers for the development of the child. Knowledge on parenting, health, education and on various socio-economic issues is disseminated in the meeting. A parent teacher association has been formed this year for the welfare of the children.
Future Plan:
The School will be upgraded upto class XII and will be affiliated to CBSE, Delhi. The school will also be expanded with four sections in each class from KG to class XII. Currently, we are able to enroll maximum 360 children from KG to class VIII as the school has one section in each classroom. There is high demand for admission at SNEHA School every year but we are able to admit only limited number of students due to lack of seats. Moreover, there are still tens of thousands of children who do not attend schools due to poverty and lack of opportunities. We will be able to enroll and impart quality education to 2000 children from KG to class XII.

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On 11th Feb 2013 inaguration ceremony at SNEHA school Diyun, Arunachal Pradesh On 11th Feb 2013 inaguration ceremony at SNEHA school Diyun, Arunachal Pradesh
On 11th Feb 2013 inaguration ceremony at SNEHA school Diyun, Arunachal Pradesh