How you can help:
There are variety of most deserving causes, schemes and projects that you can support to us. All the donors and sponsors will receive frequent updates on the progress of projects and annual project and financial reports so that they know exactly where their money was spent.

1. Contribute to Corpus fund to make SNEHA self-sustainable: Support from various donor organizations for our schools/projects has helped us to come a long way in these ten years. Now we are seeking Corpus Fund/Endowment Fund from individuals, charitable trusts, companies and corporate houses. SNEHA will invest these funds according to Income Tax Act 1961 and the interest earned thereon would help to continue to receive quality education by poor children even after withdrawal of support by donors.
2. Institution building: It is said office is the nucleus of an organization. SNEHA still does not have permanent office of its own. Help us to acquire a permanent office.

3. Sponsor our School/Project cost:
(a). Support teachers’ salaries at your convenience
(b). Support to purchase bookshelves and library books for children and teachers.
(c). To construct the school building of SNEHA School Diyun and SNEHA Vidya Vihar. It is very urgent to construct the school building to start a proper school.
(d). To provide mid-day meals to our students since they don’t get proper nutritious food at their home due to poverty.

4. Adopt a Project: Take on the role of a leader by creating a small group of donors who could adopt a     project. The group members could be family members, friends, colleagues, and business owners.
5. Annual Scholarship Programme
(a) Rs. 5,000 for one child from Class I to class XII to provide books, stationeries, school uniforms and tuition fees.
(b) Rs 30,000 for one student to pursue general course like B.Com, B.Sc, M.A/M.Com.
(c) Rs 50,000.00 for one student to pursue professional course like Medical, Engineering.
6. Health programme:
(a) Rs. 1,00,000 for health education and awareness programme
7. Provide information on possible sources of funding or refer us to a prospective donor.
8. Volunteer with us and help us in fund raising, project coordination, developing skills, teaching, fund management and any other consultancy.
9. Support, provide or sponsor space in print or audio-visual media to publicize the issue and bring it into public consciousness. If nothing else, please make a link to our website and send our website address to people in our email address book.
All donations to SNEHA are exempted from tax under
Section 80-G of the Income Tax Act 1961.
We shall be ever so obliged to receive donations in Cash/Money Order/Account Payee Cheque/Demand Draft in favour of Sneha payable on any bank at New Delhi. Please click on HERE for our Postal Address.

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On 11th Feb 2013 inaguration ceremony at SNEHA school Diyun, Arunachal Pradesh On 11th Feb 2013 inaguration ceremony at SNEHA school Diyun, Arunachal Pradesh
On 11th Feb 2013 inaguration ceremony at SNEHA school Diyun, Arunachal Pradesh