Since his college days it was a cherished dream of Mr. Susanta Chakma, the founder of SNEHA to set up schools of excellence to provide value-based education to children. In 1994, the ban of education to the Chakma and Hajong children by the State Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh acted as a catalyst to form SNEHA. As Assistant General Secretary and later the General Secretary of the Committee for Citizenship Rights of the Chakmas of Arunachal Pradesh (CCRCAP), Mr. Chakma was working for the citizenship, franchise and other democratic rights of the Chakmas and Hajongs of A.P. However, he realized that education only builds capability and confidence of an individual or a society, and only education can bring a permanent and positive change in society. On 20th August 2002, he formed SNEHA in Delhi in association with some Chakma friends, some eminent social workers of India and a friend from Indian institute of Technology, Delhi to set up and promote a just, equitable, peaceful and compassionate society.

Learning will be investigative and creative and children will be given every opportunity, to develop academically, physically and artistically with a sense of respect and strong set of values.

Our Vision

A just, humane, equitable and peaceful society.

Our Mission

To empower underprivileged sections of society through quality education that builds knowledge, skills, values, and creates socially responsible citizens.

Core Focus Areas

The core focus area of SNEHA is to provide value-based education to underprivileged children with special focus on the Chakma and Hajong children by setting up formal and non-formal schools among underprivileged communities.

Key Achievements

1. We have been successful in taking quality education to the remotest and inaccessible areas of the country and provided education to 1100 children.

2. SNEHA Schools has become harbinger of peace in the form of SNEHA Schools as pluralistic site of learning. Children from diverse communities attend SNEHA Schools now though the schools were initially started for the Chakma and Hajong children.

3. Build goodwill among various stakeholders that SNEHA can impart value-based education to children in a meaningful way.

4. We have successfully implemented big educational projects even in difficult circumstances despite SNEHA was an upcoming organization.

5. SNEHA has partnered with some renowned national and international donor agencies.

6. We are able to preserve the language and script of the Chakmas by teaching Chakma scripts to the Chakma students in the schools.

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On 11th Aug 2013 inaguration ceremony at SNEHA school Diyun, Arunachal Pradesh On 11th Aug 2013 inaguration ceremony at SNEHA school Diyun, Arunachal Pradesh
On 11th Aug 2013 inaguration ceremony at SNEHA school Diyun, Arunachal Pradesh